UGS Standards Working Group

The Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Technical Collection & Analysis, issued a memorandum directing the establishment of the Unattended Ground Sensors Standards Working Group  (UGS SWG) to identify and define interface standards for current and future UGS systems.  The government recognized the need to develop a common system architecture and a coordinated acquisition approach for defense-related UGS. 

The UGS  SWG aims to make UGS components and systems interoperable, facilitate acquisition, and make insertion of new technology more efficient. The tools for this effort are a workable architecture, standards, and interfaces built with buy-in from the entire UGS community of interest. Working with industry is critical to the success of the SWG as they must find it beneficial to incorporate UGS SWG concepts into the systems they produce.

Robert Heathcock,, is the primary contact for the UGS-SWG.


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UGS Repository Information

    Under Construction - The repository will contain standards documents and software to be uploaded and shared. Registration will be required for access.

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