UGS Standards Working Group


  • Defense Intelligence Agency- Mr.Robert Dixon (Chief, Office of Science & Technology Directorate), Mr. Robert Heathcock (Division Chief and Program Manager), Mr. Gordon Pollard (Branch Chief), Mr. Chris Cross (COTR Terra Harvest)
  • Army Research Lab - Mr. Jeff Houser (Team Lead, Signal & Image Processing Division)
  • United States Marine Corp - Mr. Steve Perry (Project Lead, ITSFAC)
  • United States Army - Mr. Heath Paulsen
  • PMRUS - Mr. Thomas Almuti, Mr. Rob Jones, Mr. Mark Pagliaro
  • DTRA - Major Mark Franciszkowicz, Mr. James McFarland, Major Chad Schools, LtCol Oscar Vaughn
  • SOCOM - Mr. Dale Bateman, LtCol Edmund Fitgerald, Mr. Jamila Patterson, Ms. Dawn Wilson


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